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FM10 web viewer encoding behavior

Question asked by german_mind on Jul 14, 2009
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FM10 web viewer encoding behavior

Description of the issue

OSX 10.5.7, FM10A, Safari 4.0.2  The web service I intend to use requires an authorization string. This string contains "/" and "+" characters. In the online example of the service the string is %-encoded. On using the working sample URL in the web viewer the service returns an encoding error in regards to the string. The script step Open URL with the same %-encoded URL opens Safari and displays the result as expected. FM Help says:1. "The following characters will never be automatically encoded: ...   / + ..." 2. "Both backslash \ and percent sign % will always be encoded."  Putting this together: Following 1.: Since "/" and "+" will be never encoded, using the function GetAsURLEncoded( code ) is mandatory to submit valid data. The now URLEncoded string contains "%" characters. Following 2.: the web viewer encodes the "%" characters again, thus causing the returned encoding error on parsing the code.  First, is the assumption above true? If yes, it is a catch22 situation where no URL with %-encoding will work. This would be an unfortunate situation and I would label this as a serious bug.  BTW: I used a similar, free web service for years (no %-encoding required).One alternative ( the one discussed here ) would provide the desired results at a reasonable cost, but the catch22 doesn't allow the use of it. AppleScript is not an option as it is a cross-platform environment. And I am much aware of a plug-in that will support my web service interaction. My clients who rely heavily on the web service results are not happy about the cost of the plug-in, integration and the subscription cost of the web service. It makes the solution 200 times more expensive.