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FM11 JDBC Driver: FMSQLException constructor fails.

Question asked by SE on Apr 13, 2010
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FM11 JDBC Driver: FMSQLException constructor fails.

Description of the issue

FM11 JDBC Driver on Windows using JDK 1.6.0u19 x64 connected to FM11 server on Windows 2008 R2 x64:When executing a query like "SELECT * FROM some_table" the JDBC driver throws this exception: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 11    at java.lang.String.substring(    at com.filemaker.jdbc.FMSQLException.(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc.FM_API.getAllResults(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc.FM_API.execute(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc.FM_API.execute(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc1.CommonJ1Statement.execute(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc2.CommonJ2Statement.execute(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc1.CommonJ1Statement.executeQuery(Unknown Source)    at com.filemaker.jdbc1.CommonJ1Statement.executeQuery(Unknown Source)    at MyClass.myMethod... This reads like "Error displaying error message". ;) The value of the String was "65527". Selecting some distinct fields instead of * worked. I didn't try other tables. The cause for the FMSQLException isn't really important anyway. The actual problem is that the FMSQLException constructor throws an exception.