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FM11 printing? "Only one half of a line prints" again, like FM6

Question asked by 5104919325FTN on Apr 13, 2010
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FM11 printing? "Only one half of a line prints" again, like FM6 & unlike FM7->10


FileMaker Pro


10 vs. 11, but also 6 and 5 and and and ...

Operating system version

Win & Apple

Description of the issue

The leading (vertical space), that FileMaker added during printing at the end of pages from FileMaker 7 until 10 is obviously cancelled ... 
So, if a record needs more than one (1) page to be printed, the risk to get only one half of a line printed at the end of one page and the second half on the next page is big. 
Of course, if ...
_ you use pixel instead of inch, cm or line;
_ your footer and title footer has the same height (or have a difference proportional to the line spacing);
_ you tested the lenght of the footer;
_ the line spacing of your fields is constant or logical (*1,5 or *2 );
_ all fields follows one grid (the line spacing) over the whole layout;
_ all fields have a length of a multiple of the line spacing + 2 (leading = 16 / 5 lines => field = 82 pixel);
_ and is given in pixel ... 
Then, you get a perfect layout without broken lines ... 

If not, look at the pictures ... 

Because it makes it easier to observe the layout, I coloured the parts and the fields.
I recommend this a lot - but after testing, don't forget to take the colours away. 

The second half of the picture shows the end of page 12 of a record printed with FileMaker 11 ... and the top of page 13. Well, no information would be lost, it's all there, I'm quite happy ;-)   

But, with FM10 (first half of the picture), it was okay - thanks the "vertical spacing at the end of the page" ... Obviously and visible: the white stripe, and the (clean) top of the next page ...

Of course, I can test and change the values of my layout, and test and test again. For a line spacing of 16 pixel ans A4 (I'm in Europe): Title Header 372 / Header 132 / Footer 70 / Title Footer 70 will be okay ...
388 / 148 / 86 / 86 would be okay too ...
340 / 148 / 86 / 86 too ...
If the fields follow the rules, laying exact on the chosen 16 pixel grid ... No problems. 

But in FileMaker 10, it was easier, give us please the "vertical spacing at the end of the page" back.
And please, not at the end of each record or each field, like in FileMaker 6, it doesn't work ... 
I know some people will think:
"This is considered expected behaviour for FileMaker."

No, it's not, FM10 do it (quite) well, FM11 not. 
As Jay Welshofer once told me (more or less the words):
_ "this is not, because you have found a (somehow fastidious and unique) way out, to print somehow correctly, that it is okay. A software should work out the expected way with the Print-Command, which is: print it correctly, no half lines, no 10 pages instead of 9 calculated."

(Disclaimer: I heard, the first screen shots of the previous version of this contribution may have offended some people, this was not my purpose.I was thinking, that American people like Judd Apatow and Mark Brazill, and as I discovered (thanks my nephew) the text "Don't have a cow, man" at Harper's Magazine, I just copied and pasted the text into my test file.
I was naively thinking "Harper's Magazine? Sounds like literature, culture, Good idea!" and didn't think it would offend anybody (and I don't think, children read this report-a-bug forum neither).
So, I feel very sorry about it and may the offended people accept my excuses and the others follow the link and enjoy.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Just print a layout, which is longer than one (1) page and enjoy.

Expected result

No text will be sliced apart.

Actual result

The return of the Half Book Prints.


A 19 step layout building method requiring a 6 pages pdf.

Too long to write it down here,