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FM11 Pro freezes at startup

Question asked by GeoffreyMorse on Apr 10, 2011
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FM11 Pro freezes at startup


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.6.7

Description of the issue

After I start up my computer, I can open Filemaker without any problems. However, after I have quit the problem once it freezes the next time I try to open it up. It doesn't matter if I try to open the database directly or the application independently. If I restart the computer it works fine again.

Steps to reproduce the problem

This now happens each time I quit the program and then try to open it again.

Expected result

I expect the program to start up whenever I open it.

Actual result

It doesn't. It freezes.

Configuration information

This copy was downloaded from the internet.


Restarting the computer is the only thing that works.