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FM11 Snaphot link

Question asked by on Jun 4, 2010
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FM11 Snaphot link

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I have played with Snapshot link and it sounded like it was a great and easy way for users to work on a found set of records and then email the snapshot link to their colleague, so he could continue the work.However, I also found that it didn't work with separation model. That is, sometimes it works and sometimes not....   However, in one of my solutions, we distribute the interface file to all clients and have it reside on the local machines. This makes it even more unusable as the link file contains filepath to this interface file and it will be different on all clients. If the link file just pointed to the active window, it would be usable. I was then thinking that I could write the file manually in a script. However, several informations is not possibly to retrieve using Get() functions. E.g. there is a reference to layout ID. This ID is Filemaker's internal ID for layouts and that is not retrieveble. (You can retrieve Layout number, which is the number where the layout is placed, compared to the other layouts. However, if you change the order of layouts, this number will change)So, If we should be able to use this brilliant new feature, FMI should modify this alot. It's a shame that FMI only thought of one file solutions, when they created this feature. More and more Filemaker solutions are created professionally and indeed the seperation model is a key to this.