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    FM12 - Conditional Formatting Fails to evaluate with solution converted from 11

    Steve Wright


      FM12 - Conditional Formatting Fails to evaluate with solution converted from 11


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      In a converted solution from FileMaker Pro 11, certain conditional formatting expressions will no longer be evaluated in the converted solution until re-created

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I converted a 'complete' solution from 11 to 12 and the conditional formatting of a field using the above example would no longer evaluate.  I deleted the condition and re-added it 'EXACTLY' as it was originally.  It then worked.

      Since I also have the same issues with most objects using conditional formatting including text boxes I decided to take a closer look at the difference(not fields) using different calculations, however from this I discovered what may be part of the problem:

      I copied the broken object to the clipboard and using a tool from Dracoventions, retrieved the XML results.

      I then performed the above fix and repeated the copy to the clipboard to compare the results of the two.

      The broken one contained

      The fixed one contained

      Using another copy of the same solution, I then changed alignment of the text area from center to right, then back again.  This also fixed the conditional formatting, again with the same fontId changes when copied to the clipboard.

      With a field using isempty(Self) I had the same problem, after re-adding the conditional formatting and comparing the xml, the differences (not the entire xml) between both are below.

      Before (Broken)

      self&#10;{&#10;&#09;background-color: rgba(100%,100%,80%,1);&#10;&#09;box-shadow: none;&#10;}&#10;

      After (Fixed)

      self&#10;{&#10;&#09;background-color: rgba(100%,100%,80%,1);&#10;}&#10;

      All I did was delete the conditional formatting line and re-create it using identical parameters.

      It seems the conversion from 11 to 12 isn't filling out some required information.

      Expected result

      Conditional Formatting to evaluate as originally in 11 without the need to edit every single object which uses it.

      Actual result

      As above

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      Windows 7, FileMaker Pro Advance 11 & 12

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          Steve Wright

               I have also been able to 'copy' all layout objects where all conditional formatting is working, to a new layout (based on the same TOC etc)  where it then fails under the same circumstances as above.  Aliging the text right, then center again fixes any occurences of this on text objects (not fields).

               I cannot reproduce from creating a fresh file in 11 with 1 field and converting to 12, but there are numerous occurences of the same issue within my solution file dare I say thousands (which recovery states has no issues) and is working 100% under FileMaker 11.

               It is also somehow linked to the 'virtual function call' crashing issue.

               I guess its also similar / related to how some object boundaries extend when conditional formatting is used, meaning you have to manually change its size by a pixel or so, then back to original for it to render correctly on screen, which is something I previously reported via other channels.

               There is obviously more going on here than meets the eye, theres something going on under the hood of 12 and who knows what it will end up doing to the integrity of existing solution files moving forward.