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FM12 --- Impossibly slow over remote connection

Question asked by StefanSmith4873 on Apr 9, 2012
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FM12 --- Impossibly slow over remote connection


FileMaker Pro



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Mac OS Lion

Description of the issue

I have a multi file database solution developed in FM11 converted to FM12 this weekend.  The conversion was painless and there is nothing overly complex in the setup.

Remote access to the solution is commonly used.  From home, under FM11, over a fast internet connection FM11 performed well.


The MANAGE LAYOUTS dialog box takes 3 to 4 minutes to stop spinning its wheel.  To open some of the layouts for editing, runs in to the thousands of % slower.

And don't get me on LIST and TABLE views in FM12. 

What have your developers done?  Did they not test this software prior to release?

FM12 is so deficient our $400,000 solution is rendered useless....the speed issues are just not workable.  Seriously.  They are just not workable.

The database takes roughly 500% longer to open remotely.  That' just to get to the homepage!  And that has barely any graphics on it and no data!  What??!!!

FM11 --- to go directly to one example view, takes roughly 10 seconds --- and then speeds up after. 

FM12 --- Over a minute!

In its current form FM12 is unusable and dangerous to develop any substantial application in with these performance issues.

The new features are great...truly great....but totally destroyed by the performance.  I absolutely dread to think of anyone with a very large database switching.

FM12 should be FASTER than FM11.  I could live with 5% to 10% but we are talking 100's of % slower in many many things.

Advice to everyone....don't even think about FM12 if performance matters.  It is a disaster that should not have got out the door.  Its enough to render many existing applications totally unusable based on performance alone.