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    FM12 is incredible slow



      FM12 is incredible slow


      FileMaker Pro


      FileMaker 12

      Operating system version

      Windows XP

      Description of the issue

      A response for almost all actions in our large FM solution is significantly slower then FM11.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      to switch from one layout to another one
      to switch from one file to another one
      scroll records in either form or list layout
      and so on

      Expected result

      to be at least at same speed as FM11


      to stay in FM11 and looking for non FileMaker solution because every next version of Filemaker is slower and brings just cosmetic improvements.
      We run company information system on 30 PCs and it is getting to be difficult to keep it swift.

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          Thank you for your post.

          Our Development and Testing departments are aware of performance issues with View as List and moving from record to record in View as Form.  View as List performance gets exacerbated if there is conditional formatting involved.

          I don't see any issues reported switching from one file to another.  Currently, I have 12 files open, and I'm able to switch between them quickly.  Can you provide any more information so I can replicate this problem?

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks for your reply.

            Conditional formating is significant and very usefull feature. I can't imagine we would remove all conditional formatings from our solution.

            Example of slow switching between files and other slow actions are part of solution and recorded videos I have just uploaded to our web. I have sent you an email with links.

            Best regards