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    FM12 Print Object cut off at Layout Part boundary



      FM12 Print Object cut off at Layout Part boundary


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      10.6 / 10.7

      Description of the issue

      I have vertical lines in my print layouts that stretch across different layout parts (for example, I have a vertical line that starts in my header and spans the whole height of the print layout, giving the illusion of a border on the document when printed (in versions 11 or less at least ...)

      In FM12 the objects are cut off at the border of the document part the originate in.  So if you had a print layout with a Header, Body, Footer  and the line started in the header it would get cut off at the border between the header and the body.  ... I could also put a perfectly sized line in the body but this creates an issue when my body section only takes up a small portion of the space between the header and footer.  the remaining white space between the body / footer will create  white space in the lines.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a 3 (or more part print layout including a header, body, and footer.  Create a vertical line that starts in the header and extends into the body and/or footer.

      Expected result

      The line should continue for it's entire length as specified in the layout

      Actual result

      The line will be terminated at the boundary between the header / body.


      Depending on the circumstance you may be able to separate the line (or object) into several pieces and distribute amongst the layout parts.  This will not work if the contents of all of the layout parts do not fill the page entirely.