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    FM12 Strange Login issue



      FM12 Strange Login issue


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      windows 7, OSX Lion

      Description of the issue

      FM12 asks for the username and password of an external data-source without having any valid reason to do so.

      I have an interface file and a data file, both files have the same users and passwords except for guest that is disabled in the data file. The interface file is setup to login automatically with guest and goes on a custom login layout.

      The login layout is based on a parameter table that resides inside in the interface file. Both username and password fields are from that parameter table.

      This issue is really annoying as I don't want the users to login with the filemaker login window.

      You'll find a more specific description and 2 test files in this post:

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      No idea. It happened to me on 2 different solutions completely randomly. One solution was a converted one and the other a new one

      Expected result

      Filemaker opens the interface file, logs-in as guest and goes to the login layout without asking for the referenced file(s) username and password.

      Actual result

      Filemaker starts by asking the referenced file's username and password and then goes to the login screen

      Configuration information

      Macbook Pro 13"
      2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
      8GB 1333MHz DDR3
      OSX Lion Version 10.7.3 / Windows 7


      I found 2 ways to make the problem disappear:
      - Remove all the relationship and recreate everything (or to do it faster, duplicate every relationships, remove the originals, and adjust the layouts and scripts)
      -clone the interface file and use the clone instead of the original

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          Thomas Staehli:

          Thank you for your post.

          I downloaded the files from the other link.

          From what I can see, Interface is set to open with the Guest password, and then FileMaker will access the related tables and access the Data file using the Guest password.  Since the Guest password is not active in the Data file, you are then prompted for the user name and password.  Once entered, then Interface directs itself to the Login layout and peform the login check.

          The workaround is to make the Data file oopen with the Guest passwordk, and then once Interface is logged in successfully, then execute a similar login script in the Data file passing as parameters the username and password fields.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks a lot for this answer, I actually already did try this.

            Creating a login script in my data file seems ok in this situation, but how about an old solution I have in FM 11 with more than 60 data files and one "login file"? Am I supposed to create one re-login script per file and create the guest account in each file and a main script that calls all the login script???

            I mean if this is how FM12 works, I will do it, but I just find it strange. I've been working with FM for several years and created several solution (FM 8 to 11) based on that same login process, and I never had any issues with it.

            And what I find really strange is that it worked for several days on FM 12 and suddently it stopped working, even though I didn't touch that login process, and if I clone the file, it starts working again...

            Isn't Filemaker supposed to ask for a login only when it actually needs to access an external data because of a layout base table or a field or a reference in a script? Or am I missing something?



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              Okay, after some testing and trying to remove stuff, I found what seemed to be the cause of the behaviour (still don't know why though). In the interface file relationship graph, I removed the Table Occurence "ADM_Addresses_Current". I have no idea why this one in particular... You can try it out if you still have my 2 files.

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                Thomas Staehli:

                To answer your first post... No, it shouldn't act this way unless FileMaker needs something from the other file before starting up.

                I did remove the Table Occurrence "ADM_Addresses_Current", and it performed as expected.  Interestingly, when I added it back, I no longer had the issue.  Can you verify?

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Yes, same behavior on my side. Did you actually remove it and put it back before closing the relationship graph or did you put it back afterwards? Just trying to find a way to solve this without having to re-link the fields on the layouts

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                    Thomas Staehli:

                    I first removed the "ADM_Addresses_Currnt" table occurrence, exited out of the Relationship graph and relaunched to see if I was prompted.  Since I wasn't prompted, I went back into the Relationship Graph and added it back.

                    FileMaker, Inc.