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    FM12 Theme Reset?



      FM12 Theme Reset?


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OSX 10.7

      Description of the issue

      I'm working on a FM12 database from FM12 Server.

      Tinkering with a copy of a layout (with Stone theme applied), I selected the body part and changed the background graphic image option from slice to another option, and went to browse mode to view the change. Went back into to layout mode to change back, cannot. This body background change has somehow applied to all layouts, completely mucking up the file.

      TRIED: reapplying the theme
      RESULT: no change, background still not correct

      TRIED: quitting FM, reopening DB, reapplying theme
      RESULT: no change

      TRIED: applying another theme, closing, quitting, reopening, reapplying stone theme
      RESULT: no change

      TRIED: manually changing the background back to the original by finding original image and redoing the slice
      RESULT: does not format as the original does

      NOTE: I was not trying to make the change permanent, I was not trying to create a custom theme or edit/duplicate an existing theme.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I have tried to replicate different ways, but have been unable.
      I have tried doing this with files on my desktop, does not replicate
      I have tried doing this to another file on the server, does not replicate


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          Anyone? The entire databases layouts have all been completely ruined by this one edit on one layout. There is no way that I can find to reapply the theme correctly.

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            This may or may not work but worth a shot:

            In Edit Layout mode, select the Body. Then in inspector go to the appearance tab. At the top, click on the blue square. If you hover it will say "Apply theme style to one or more objects".

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              Hi Matt,

              Thanks for the response—I tried this and it changed the background to a completely different design. I tried to see if I could pick up the theme for the body element from a brand new database, but I can't seem to get the style to copy. I've had to just go ahead and redesign the layout's body area, but I would still love to find a solution in case this crops up again.