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FM12.0v2 Portal filtering issue

Question asked by ThomasStaehli on Jul 17, 2012
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FM12.0v2 Portal filtering issue



Operating system version

windows 7, OSX Lion

Description of the issue

the following portal filter doesn't work on FM 12.0v2 : Amount ≠ 0

The bug only occurs on a hosted solution (works fine with a local file)

It works perfectly fine with 12.0v1 client

Check this post for the details and the test files

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) I created 2 files (1 interface, 1 data). In the data file I have 2 tables, enrollment and payment linked like this:

enrollment::ID <- -> payment::enrollmentID

2) In the interface file I created a layout based on enrollment with a portal based on payment

3) In the portal option I added this filter: payment::Amount ≠ 0

Then try the following:

- open localy with fm12.0v2
- upload to a FM server and open it with fm12.0v2
- upload to a FM server and open it with fm12.0v1

Expected result

The records with an amount different from 0 should appear

Actual result

Nothing appears in the following situation:

hosted database opened with FM 12.0v2 client


split the condition in 2 (amount > 0 or amount < 0)