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    FM12A printout is blank



      FM12A printout is blank


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Win XP

      Description of the issue

      The layout with a large picture in the background, with foreground's field will show in preview mode and print out totally blank, get rid of the JPG or PNG and fields print as they should.

      All object are set to print.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a new layout, import a large 8-1/2x11 (resize) PNG or JPG (that was created from a PDF Form, save as picture.)

      set it as background, add some fields.

      I also try editing the JPG or PNG with Corel Photo or the Windows Editor to make the original from another source, same result. Just in case that the image created by Adobe was the issue.

      Object are within the print area.

      Expected result

      Print picture and field

      Actual result

      print and preview is blank

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Sometime when switch from browse, layout and preview mode, Win XP FM12A crash: error C++ .... window don't give me more sometime information

      Configuration information

      Win XP SP3 FM12Av4

      the funny thing is that I use Win7 and I'm the only one in the office with Win7, and I don't have any issue with the printout, the problem was detected on 3 WinXP stations.


      beside creating the background form with FM object from scratch instead of having a background image... I haven't found one


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               Do you have a header layout part?

               Does the background image touch or cross the boundary between header and body layout parts?

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                 Nope, the layout as only a BODY part, Helpful Harry also asked me that on the Filemaker google group.


                 I found the solution, the full list is on the news group comp.databases.filemaker

                 The picture is an export from Adobe save as other: JPEG or PNG so it's a form 8-1/2x11 reduce to approx 95% so it will fit in the page.

                 I Have tried to import as JPG and PNG, both same result.

                 I'm starting to thing, the problem is with the picture itself.
                 I have also try to go edit the picture into Corel Paint or Windows Paint to trim the unused edge, so the file is reformat and reduce in size and import it, still no success.

                 So I try with a picture taken from my iphone, guess what! it's printing full page!

                 My guess is the picture itself, the Adobe format leave something in the picture that create a problem and FM with WinXP can't handle it.

                 I have a big screen monitor, so I put my PDF file and use Win7 screen capture, and create a capture of the form, save it into JPG (in 2 parts) and import those 2 parts into FM, resize and edit some fields to match... and VOILA ! it's working properly on Win7 AND WinXP.


                 So the problem was the picture file generated from Adobe Acrobat Pro was for some reason creating this problem.