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FM13 theme bug: Can't control checkbook appearances

Question asked by scottworld on May 24, 2014
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FM13 theme bug: Can't control checkbook appearances


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There seems to be a major problem with FileMaker 13, where you can no longer control the appearance of checkboxes, if your layout is based on a theme. For example, we have a layout based on the "Cool Gray Touch" theme, but check out the screenshot below for how absolutely horrible the checkboxes look, and we can't change their appearance at all. We want the actual checkboxes themselves to be outlined in black, not grey. Furthermore, we want the checkboxes spaced away from the left side of the field… but the checkboxes are squished right up against the left side of the field. We've already tried changing padding, changing the line colors, everything that we can possibly control on the layout… but nothing can be changed except the background color of the field. Please enable us to fix the appearance of checkboxes when working on a layout that is based on a theme! Otherwise, working with themes is essentially useless to us. Thank you.