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FM14 Edit Value List Dialog - Custom Values Field Doesn't Support Selection for Automation on...

Question asked by dsimpson on Jul 14, 2015


FM14 Edit Value List Dialog - Custom Values Field Doesn't Support Selection for Automation on Windows


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 64bit

Description of the issue

With FM11, 12, 13 versions, it was possible to issue a WinAutomation "Focus Text Field in Window" command to select the Custom Values text field.
However, FM14 no longer makes this possible.

When selecting the field, the enclosing object seems to get selected instead of the Custom Values field.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open the Manage Mange Value Lists window.
Open the Edit Value List dialog.
Use the WinAutomation step "Focus Text Field in Window" to select the field.

Expected result

Expected result would be the selection of the text field in order to reliably paste text into the field.
In FM13, the object definition looks like this:

> document[id="105"][class="Edit"], > document

Actual result

The wrong object gets selected, and text cannot be pasted into the field to create the Custom Value Lists.

In FM14, the selected object definition looks like this:

> group[id="IDC_EDIT_VALLIST_GROUP_STATIC"][class="GroupBox"][name="Values"] > text[class="TextBlock"], > group > text

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No errors from FileMaker.

Configuration information

FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.1 64bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.


The workaround, is to send a mouse click into the text field before pasting the values.

This is not the most reliable technique, since the mouse click occurs at a specific X,Y coordinate within the window rectangle. It could possibly fail under some situations with different screen resolutions. The most reliable technique is to specify the object directly and have the text directed to the object - wherever it may be located on the screen.

Also, the "Send Keys" method of writing the text into the field might not be as fast as sending the text directly to the object due to delays added to the sending of each character.