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FM14 hangs during progress bar operations

Question asked by JonathanCoulter on Jun 5, 2015
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FM14 hangs during progress bar operations


FileMaker Pro


14 (both FMP, FMPA and FMS)

Operating system version

Windows 7 workstation, Windows 2008 Server

Description of the issue

Any operation that shows a progress bar hangs at some point prior to completion.  We get this when inserting a file into a container, doing a replace field contents operation, exporting and importing.  The number of records successfully processed varies with each attempt.  When there are a small number of records in the table it works normally.  It usually happens when there are at least 2000 records (our largest table is about 65000 records). But it also happens when inserting a small document in a container field.  Only happens in FMP and FMPA v14.  v13 appears to work normally.  The only recourse is to open the task manage and stop FM.  I recently did a test by creating a totally new solution and importing an excel spreadsheet of about 67000 records.  It would only import 2000-3000 records before hanging.  Again, the actual number varied with each attempt.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Most anything involving a progress bar.  I've only testing import, export, replace records and insert document into a container.

Expected result

100% completion

Actual result

Not 100% completion.  Best I can get is around 60%.  Again, tables with less than 2000 records "usually" complete without an issue.  But not always.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message.  Program (FM) hangs.


None.  When inserting a document into a container field, the document is successfully inserted even through the program hangs.