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FM8.4 Server Advanced - SequeLink Issue

Question asked by carmenm on Feb 12, 2009


FM8.4 Server Advanced - SequeLink Issue

Description of the issue

*repost from Using FM Server, where I misposted this*  We are using FM 8.4 server advanced and Datadirect Sequelink Client Driver 5.4/5.5 (some clients have one installed, some have the other-the error impacts both) to serve as the merge source for Word documents.  The server runs only FM, IWP, and CWP (IIS/PHP). Occasionally, the following error will arise when the linked Word document is opened: 1.  Alert box: An Internal Error Has Occurred! Click Details... 2.  ODBC error: [DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver][Seequelink Client]An internal error occurred.Sql State: S1000Return Code: SQL_ERROR Click OK 3.  84D004A.doc (NOT the name of the document I was trying to open) is a mail merge main document.  Word cannot find its data source, . When I try to find and re-link the data source (via saved MSQuery .dqy file) it still fails. If I test the data source under SequeLink, it says everything is fine. The server is running fine.  The FileMaker clients are running fine.  The IWP and CWP systems we have are running fine. Sometimes this error will impact an individual user.  Sometimes it will only impact an individual document.  However, with increasing frequency it is hitting us system-wide, across all users and documents. The error typically goes away within 20 minutes with no intervention server-side or client-side. I don't have direct access to the FM server, but our server tech was able to pull these events from the logs at the same time we have had problems: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: SLSocket54Event Category: NoneEvent ID: 0Date:  2/9/2009Time:  12:39:37 PMUser:  N/AComputer: WEBAPPSBDescription: SLSocket54@localhost,ErrorCode=3001,ErrorMessage=socsrv.swsoc.5779.Internal error, memory allocation failed., ClientHost=*VARIES*, Session=*VARIES*.We tried restarting the server last night, but the error has reared its ugly head again this morning. Should we try contacting DataDirect for support?  Unfortunately their web site seems to discourage support requests from 3rd party users. Thank you for any advice/assistance.