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FM9 not displaying database correctly.

Question asked by joycedm1 on Aug 3, 2009
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FM9 not displaying database correctly.

Description of the issue

I have 8 machines with FM9. Of all, two (at least) are displaying the database incorrectly. There are radio buttons that should appear that dont and instead, replaced with black space. The same is true for text lines where information such as patient name, DOB, address etc. Instead of the usual dotted line, there's just a black space. For the radio buttons, if I click where they SHOULD be, it appears momentarily but goes away as fast as I click. For the text lines, I see no line or cursor, but if I click where it would be, data can still be entered. It's NOT the file. The same database opens up fine on most of the other machines. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. I meant to add, uninstalling didn't resolve the issue.