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FMA10: Referenced pictures are using absolute file path

Question asked by RobHalliday on May 23, 2009
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FMA10: Referenced pictures are using absolute file path

Description of the issue

Hi, I have a FM solution which I am moving from FM6Developer to FM10 Advanced. This is in Mac OS X 10.5.7. The solution uses 'Import Folder - import a reference only' to import pictures into the database.The pictures live in a folder within the same folder as the FM database This worked fine in FM6 and the path was relative - ie. if you moved the ENTIRE folder containing the database and picture folder, you'd still see the pictures the next time you open the database. In FM10, it appears that the pictures references are being stored with their absolute file path. The pictures appear fine - but if you then move the whole solution folder, the pictures vanish and you get 'missing file img_whatever' messages. I think this is a bug. (Particularly since 'Insert Picture' seems to work as expected - ie. the picture file reference is relative to the current database location, and so the file continues to appear even if the entire database folder is moved)  Anyone from FM care to comment? Thanks, Rob.  (interestingly, upon further investigation it appears that the above problem occurs if you MOVE the folder, but not if you COPY the folder - ie. if you copy it, the pictures continue to appear correctly. It is possible that this was always the behaviour in FM6 and I just never noticed.... would still be interested in hearing the 'official' line....)