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    FMgo 12 quitting / crashing when using custom dialog with input fields



      FMgo 12 quitting / crashing when using custom dialog with input fields


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue


      Checked my version of filemaker go ... it was out of date updated and all is now  working fine ....DUH  I should have done this before posting. Sorry for wasting peoples time. Bt thanks all for the helpful suggestions

      Hi I think that I have come across an issue when using fmgo12 with custom dialogs.

      The symptoms of the issue are as follows :-

      A custom dialog is displayed which has a field input that is set to behaive like a password.

      The user inputs the field.

      Then if the use stows the keyboard and presses the ok button all is ok.

      However if the user hits the ok button before stowing the keyboard filemaker go quits.

      Ive reporduced the error in the most simple of files 1 field 1 layout and 1 scriopt that calls the custom dialog box

      The file is on a server  ... not local to filemaker go

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      set up a script with a custom dialog in it that references an input field.

      run the script

      input into the fields and press the OK (default button) with the keypad still visible and filemaker go quits.

      input into the fields and then hide the keyboard and press the OK (default button) filemaker go works ok

      Expected result

      The field should be updated and the dialog box close

      Actual result

      fmgo quits

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      none it just quits

      Configuration information

      fm server 12

      and fmproadvanced on mac


      I have updated the dialog box to ask users to stow the keyboard before pressing OK but most don't so I have grumpy users and lots of requests for help