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FMGo 13 photo storage to web problem?

Question asked by tcmeyers on Dec 4, 2013
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FMGo 13 photo storage to web problem?


FileMaker Go


13.0.1 on iPhone 4S

Operating system version

iOS 7.0.4

Description of the issue

We have a well developed FileMaker Server 12 hosted solution that includes taking photos with iPhone or iPad devices, and storing those photos on the server in "store container data externally" container fields. Those photos can be accessed via the web using CWP. This has been working fine.

We installed FMGo 13 on one iPhone as a test, and it seems faster and so far has worked without change to the hosted files, but we just discovered that photos taken today by that iPhone, while visible in the FileMaker Pro desktop clients, are not output properly (or at all?) when using the "/fmi/xml/cnt/" type request to FileMaker Server.

Interestingly, exporting the photo from the container (to a Mac desktop) and then replacing the container contents by inserting the exported photo then solves the problem, and the web-image request then works.

Is this a known bug? Let me know what other information I might need to supply.


Steps to reproduce the problem

Take a photo using iPhone and FMGo 13, from within FMGo, and by script store it in a container field configured to be external storage on the FMS machine.

Expected result

Should be able to view the photo in a web browser via PHP using the normal /fmi/xml/cnt/ call.

Actual result

Object isn't return as expected; unsure of what it actually is, but it is much smaller than expected. Could be an error message rather than a JPG result?

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

unknown so far

Configuration information

13.0.1 on iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4
FIleMaker Server on MacMini Server, Mac OS X Server 10.7.5


Export the stored photo, then put the exported photo back into the container. The XML call then does return the expected image.