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FMGO12+FMGO11 base64 animations don't repeat in webviewer

Question asked by on Apr 10, 2012
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FMGO12+FMGO11 base64 animations don't repeat in webviewer


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Description of the issue

In order to feedback the user about a process, that takes some time, you can encode a loading gif animation into base64 and show it in a webviewer.
The animation repeats itself on desktop versions, and also did repeat on earlier versions of FMGO11.
Now it only runs one time and stops.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Encode a loading gif into base64 and insert into a webviewer. (plenty of examples if you search google "loading.gif". You can encode into base64 using command line on mac or search for online converters)
I can provide examples.

Expected result

The animation should repeat until the webviewer is cleared or go to another layout.

Actual result

The animation runs one time and the stop.

Configuration information

FMGO11 and FMGO12 on iPad. (not tested on iPhone)


OnTimer script could reload the webviewer. However, you can not get a smooth repeating process as the reload will produce a flash screen.