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FMI report bugs here also?

Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Apr 5, 2010
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FMI report bugs here also?

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Two suggestions: 1)  Twice within one week, TSGal has responded to a bug post saying that it was already reported to FMI (not by someone on this forum) and their development people already knew.  If FMI knows about it, why don't they post it in the Bug List?  Why must they wait until someone, after spending many hours in frustration and searching, posts for help ... only to be told FMI already knows.  And why are people charged for technical calls when FMI already knows about a bug (some sitting there for years unfixed)?  2)  The Known Bugs thread is now 10 pages long.  Even if I know about a bug, I waste a lot of time trying to find the specific post because there is no index to it and now the Knowledge Base has eliminated search results from this forum.  Before, we might have gotten 6,000 results from here ... now there are none. An example:  There is very serious import bug (spontaneous mapping of incorrect fields) and it has been there for years (since vs. 7).  But when I search Knowledge Base for 'import map', I find 4 pages but nothing on this issue. What good does it do to have a bug list here if it can't be found when someone searches knowledge base?  What good is a Bug List if someone has to read page by page to try to find if/where the information exists?  What good is a Report a Bug forum if it only holds bugs reported here and doesn't include bugs they already know about?  It's like this ... FMI might admit that there is a bug, but only when caught (publicly here) otherwise they will remain silent and keep the information private.  That hurts us all a great deal.