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FMP 10 "No Problems Found" file recover fixes faulty printer settings

Question asked by philmodjunk on Nov 3, 2009
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FMP 10 "No Problems Found" file recover fixes faulty printer settings

Description of the issue

OS: Windows XP.FMP 10Advanced This has been observed twice on two different files: Both files persisted in retaining incorrect printer settings despite all efforts to use Print Setup... and Print to change them. I recovered the files.The recover process reported "No Problems Found."When I tested the recovered files, I found that the printer settings now affected database function as expected. More details on the two files in question: In one file, the issue was that the file always defaulted to the same printer even when it was not the default printer selected via OS settings.In the other file, a horizontal page break was placed on new layouts about 1 inch to the right of the layout's left edge--which ignored all efforts to change it by selecting page size/orientation settings in Print Setup.... Changing Printing options in Layout setup... did not affect this. I'd offer to send a sample file to you, but know longer have the first file and the second file belongs to a third party--he sent it to me to figure out why it was acting up. If you would like a copy of the second file, I'll contact him and ask permission to send you a clone of it.