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FMP 10 Design Report "Missing" fields and layouts aren't really missing

Question asked by philmodjunk on Feb 27, 2009
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FMP 10 Design Report "Missing" fields and layouts aren't really missing

Description of the issue

These are two relatively minor glitches that are slowing down my efforts to merge and update some older FMP systems: 1) If you create a script that uses a custom dialog with an input field, the DDR will report a missing field even though all field references in the script are valid. 2) If you have a script that uses Go To Layout with an expression that resolves into either a layout number or name, the DDR will report a missing layout. These erroneous messages can be easily identified and skipped over in the report. The become a significant nuisance when you are using the report feature to identify and delete design elements of your database that are no longer used and I keep having to examine and dismiss the spurious messages. Of far greater concern is the issue where the DDR fails to correctly list script references in the "scripts that use this script" which has already been reported by others. That one lead me to delete scripts that I shouldn't have deleted. (Fortunately I keep lots of back ups :smileyhappy:). System Info: FMP 10 Advanced on a Windows XP Professional system.