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FMP 10 only 40-80 files concurrently opened on Windows

Question asked by disabled_menno on Jan 23, 2009
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FMP 10 only 40-80 files concurrently opened on Windows

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I work with very large solutions (up to 100 files) which where build in  FMP6. Converting those files to FMP9 made it necessary to open all or most of these files. If you have many files open and start opening and closing files all the time, your solution slows down considerably. In FMP9 that's not a problem since you can open up to 125 at a time.In FMP10 you can open only 40-80 files at a time!!!!! In my typical situation, Filemaker 10 crashes when I open the 75th file of my database-system. I've contacted Filemaker Inc. they pointed me to: you can find the specs for fmp10. It states that on windows you can only open 40-80 files simultaneous .... where you can open a 125 on Mac OSX! To be honest, I'm very disappointed that filemaker has imposed this limit and i find this incomprehensible Of course I understand that i can take measures to close the files that I don't need and that since fmp7 more than one table fit into one file (I am a FM 6,7,8,and 9 certified developer). But there are a few catches here: 1) For some reason filemaker closes a window instead of a file when you tell it to close file from a script and sometimes it closes the file too, but that is sometimes, therefore in using a solution in time you'll end up with more files than you intend. 2) Transferring tables to other files and reducing the number of files means rewriting large parts of my solutions. For example I run a database that logs a users whereabouts in the db-system. That database connects to any database in the system where the user has some form of input; I use this info to offer the user a "back-button" that runs systemwide.Further we have about 400 customers using our solutions and all of them have the same basesystem but with a considerable amount  of tailored functionality. 3) If you are workong with a solution that is build up of branche-specific modules, it is impossible to put all that in say 30-40 files. The solutions that we build have evolved over about 16 years and there is actually some code that is just that old. For example we used the popcal-plugin for several years and there is no plugin that subtitutes that plugin (multiplatform :) ). The filemaker-build-in input-calander is just not sufficient, so we've taken an old calander, transformed into a standalone file from which we can can choose a single date or a daterange. Another example are the registration you must do before using plugins, it not handy to hardcode that into a solution, thus that's a seperate file too. We have merchand, government, schools, hospitals, farmaceutical, production, advertising, graphical companies etc. etc. You cannot put their administrative solutions into a simple solution, you have to work modular so that every company benefits from optimal standard functionality and you can benefit from building parts of solutiions only once. When putting together a new solution for a new or existing customer, you only have to connect the modules en concentrate on tailoring their extra wishes into it IMHO that this is a serious bug and a step backwardsregards, Menno