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FMP 10 Open Remote Bug

Question asked by user1069 on Sep 14, 2009


FMP 10 Open Remote Bug

Description of the issue

Mac OS X 10.5.8FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3 Using an account that does not have system administration access, it is possible to get FileMaker Pro into a modal state where force quitting is the only option. Here's what's needed to reproduce: Step 1) Ensure the system firewall is configured to disallow incoming connections to FMP.Step 2) Open FMP 10; don't open any files yetStep 3) If you see the "Quick Start" screen, dismiss it and choose "Open" from the File menu; if you see the "Open New or Existing" dialog proceed.Step 4) Click "Remote..." in the "Open File" dialog (or "Open New or Existing" dialog - both behave the same way). At this point you will receive a security warning asking if you want to allow incoming connection to FileMaker Pro. Note that the "Open Remote" dialog has been moved to a layer behind the "Open File" dialog. At this point sometimes I have been able to ignore the security warning and bring the "Open Remote" dialog to the front layer. Once it is again frontmost you can "Allow" or "Deny" the security warning. If, however, you make the mistake of interacting with the security dialog while the "Open File" dialog is still frontmost you will be unable to dismiss either remaining dialog. Your only choice at that point is to Force Quit. Hopefully you don't have any files open when this interaction occurred.