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FMP 10 Recover trashes a working file

Question asked by Ward on Mar 19, 2009
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FMP 10 Recover trashes a working file

Description of the issue

As I mentioned in the another thread (FMP 10 Design Report "Missing" fields and layouts aren't really missing), many of my DDR reports include phantom errors.  Since the FM files have evolved over a number of years, I thought it might help to clean up the files using Recover. However, Recover seems quite unhappy with the "Structure" of the first (smallest) file I tried. WARNING: problem were detected while recovering the database. ... The recovered file should NOT be used going forward; ... Recovery results:Structure: scanned; 115 items modified. I've scanned the Recover.log, as recommended.  Some lines are clearly informational; others report problems; and many seem unclear. I produced DDR HTML reports for the original and "recovered" files to see what they reveal.  Using BBEdit's Find Difference to compare the HTML files was enlightening. For example, Recover.log: Recovering: field 'Category1' (48)Changed the default options for number formattingCalculation modifiedThis item changed HTML: The Auto-Enter calculation is missing in the recovered file. Recovering: field 'Item IDs' (469)Reset field formattingCalculation modifiedThis item changed HTML: The Calculation has been completely trashed: TrimTrailingValues ( List8])Hour(Greek Here's the original calculation:TrimTrailingValues ( List8 ( Items::Item ID1 ; Items::Item ID2 ; Items::Item ID3 ; Items::Item ID4 ; Items::Item ID5 ; Items::Item ID6 ; Items::Item ID7 ; Items::Item ID8 ) ) (TrimTrialingValues and List8 are two of my custom functions.) It's not clear whether my file is truly corrupted, whether Recover is getting tripped up by whatever is confusing DDR, or something else entirely. It is clear that Recover is making a mess of my file ... and leaving me worried about what to do. I'll happily provide a copy of the file if it will help the FM development team improve Recover. -- Ward