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FMP 11 and Bento 3.0.4

Question asked by gilles9 on May 21, 2010
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FMP 11 and Bento 3.0.4

Description of the issue

Hello, I downloaded FMP 11 trial version and I have Bento 3.0.4 installed, and registered (family pack) here are the bugs:When trying to get to open a Bento file from the splash menu in FMP 11I get "You must have Bento 2 (or a later supported version) installed on this computer." If Bento is opened, it is telling me to close it, OK I do and I get the same message more ackward is If FMP 11 is opened (running), then I cannot open Bento 3, as it says it is running I was to buy but with these issues, I just can't any suggestions ( I did rebuild permissions; using 10.6.3 on an Intel iMac esrly 2009)