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    FMP 11 Scrolling graphics fracture



      FMP 11 Scrolling graphics fracture

      Description of the issue

      I am running OSX 10.6.3 and FMP 11.0v1. In browse mode, when I scroll up or down in a record a too quick a peed, the screen display will "fracture" for lack of a better word. A small horizontal segment of the record will repeat itself until I scroll again. Any idea what's going on. I could send a screen shot.

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          Thank you for your post.


          There has been a reported problem with Layout Mode and Page Margins turned on, but I'm unaware of an issue in Browse Mode.  Yes, a screen shot would be helpful along with the steps to replicate the problem.


          You cannot post a screen shot directly to the forum, so place the screen shot on a server and provide a link to it.



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            I am not sure whether its best to resurect this post or create a new one. The above doesn't seem to have an answer? Anyway we have a network of Mac's running MacOS 10.7.4 Lion and Filemaker Pro 11v4.

            Everything is working fine. However when we scroll on a multipage layout in browse mode at 150% we get fractured graphics. When we switch to 100% or 200% the graphics reset and work fine. It only appears to happen on multiple page layouts in Browse mode and at 150% obviously this is 'get around-able' but wondered whther anyone else has noticed this problem and whther there is a solution.


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              Hello Simon Taylor:

              Thank you for posting.

              It is generally best to create a new thread. However, the scrolling issue on 10.7.4 at 150% has been confirmed with our development and testing department. 

              I have added your post to the original report.


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