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FMP 12 file from Mac OS 10.7 is a problem on Mac OS 10.6 computer with FMP 12

Question asked by BillBitautas on May 23, 2012
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FMP 12 file from Mac OS 10.7 is a problem on Mac OS 10.6 computer with FMP 12


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

10.7 / 10.6

Description of the issue

If I copy a FMP 12 file from my Mac OS 10.7 computer to a Mac OS 10.6 computer with FMP 12, the file appears on the desktop as a Unix file; gray box with green lettering "EXEC". If I double click the file, I receive the attached error message. The receiving computer has both FMP 11 & FMP 12 installed. If I drag the file to the FMP 12 icon in the dock, it will open. The file does have the .fmp12 extension.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I get the exact same result no matter how many times I move the file from computer A to computer B. If I create a file on computer B and copy it to computer A, it appears normal and opens with no problem.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

This is version 11.0. "Britt's new Working Database 4-1 Copy (4/21/12 copy.fmp12" was created by version 12.0 of Filemaker and cannot be opened by this version. Please use version 12.0 to view this file.

Configuration information

Computer A is running Mac OS 10.7 and Filemaker Pro 12.
Computer B is running Mac OS 10.6 and has both Filemaker Pro 11 & 12 installed.


Just dragging the file to the Filemaker Pro 12 icon will open the file, although it still looks like a Unix file when I do that.