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FMP 12 print jobs excessively large (95MB/document)

Question asked by AaronWinnell on Jan 10, 2013
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FMP 12 print jobs excessively large (95MB/document)


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12.03, FMP Advanced 12.02, Filemaker 12 Server

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.8.2, Windows 7

Description of the issue

Following a recent upgrade from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12, printing to a printer produces an excessively large print job.

I'm using a script to print checks by going to a layout, finding a set of records, and printing the records being browsed in a single print job.  The layout prints to a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet.  The layout contains an image (our logo) and a handful of text fields. Todays print job, including some 50 individual pages totaled well over 1GB in size.

I'm also using a script to print bill statements which involves using a loop to generate separate print jobs for each document.  Each document in the print queue was approximately 95MB in size (give or take 5MB).

The result is that each print job takes an extremely long time to buffer and print.  Instead of printing these jobs in 2-3 minutes, they're taking hours.  This occurs on at least two different layouts/tables.  These same scripts ran in Filemaker 11 without issue.  No changes have been made to the scripting, the layouts, client computers, the server, or the printer. The only change has been the upgrade to Filemaker 12.

*When I print instead to PDF from Filemaker (instead of printing to a printer), the resulting document is significantly smaller (90kb) per document (I'm doing this manually through the print dialog options on Mac OS).  Also, the text in the PDF can be highlighted and copied to my clipboard without issue.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I've attempted to print from both Mac OS and Windows 7, from both Filemaker Pro 12.03 and Filemaker Advanced 12.02, and to multiple printers.  The results were the same.

I've made changes to the graphic settings of the objects and layout parts on the layout.  When Filemaker converted the database file from .fp7 to .fp12, the default setting for the layout objects is with a solid color fill.  I changed the fill to "none" for all objects, hoping that might help.

Expected result

Printing should produce relatively small print jobs (100kb to 1MB per page).

Actual result

Printing produces excessively large print jobs (95MB per page).

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages appear


No workarounds other than allowing more time for print jobs.