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FMP 12 Web Viewer Displays Content Different Than IE 10

Question asked by tduell_1 on Jan 31, 2013
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FMP 12 Web Viewer Displays Content Different Than IE 10


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 Professional

Description of the issue

IE 10 displays records on the browser with CSS3 and PHP correctly. However, the web viewer on FileMaker Pro 12 displays the same content completely different. I was under the assumption that FileMaker Pro uses the installed version of IE on Windows as the engine to display content. However, the web viewer is still displaying the results as if it's IE 9 or earlier. I am aware that IE 9 and earlier has problems with CSS3 code.

I'd like to provide a feature suggestion. If you could make the web browser a selectable preference for FileMaker Pro that would solve a lot of problems by being able to avoid IE. We could actually choose which web browser we wanted for the engine for the web viewer. That way we could choose Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. and pick the one that actually works correctly.

Steps to reproduce the problem

As a demonstration I created some basic CSS3 to display records in a slider using PHP. It displays perfectly with Firefox, Chrome, and IE 10 (it also displays perfect on Mac OS X with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). Note: IE 10 is required. IE 9 and earlier is a problem (no surprise there). Next, I set the web viewer to display the same code and I get a radically different result - the CSS is completely ignored and it appears as if IE 9 is displaying the results. Instead of the records being displayed horizontally, they are being displayed vertically in the slider.

Therefore, my question is — is the web viewer on Windows 7 actually using IE 10, or is FileMaker Pro 12 implementing it's own engine to display CSS3/HTML content? If it is using some kind of FileMaker "web engine" do we have an ETA for when the Windows side will support CSS3? If it's using IE 10 as the engine there is certainly a problem because I'm getting the correct results with IE 10, but not with the web viewer.

Expected result

I would expect the web viewer to display exactly the same as the installed web browser - IE 10 on Windows. Safari on OS X works fine.

Actual result

I attached an image of the results. You can see the web page displays as expected. Whereas the web viewer completely ignores the CSS3 code. Again, this displays correctly on OS X, so I know the web viewer does have the potential to work. I have actual test files that I can send you to replicate the problem on your end. Please contact me and I will be happy to send you the files since I can only upload an image here.