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    FMP 12.0v3 Extremely Slow to Launch



      FMP 12.0v3 Extremely Slow to Launch


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Advanced take way too long to launch post the 12.0v3 update.  When it launches I are an hourglass then the spinning rainbow wheel. Definitely close to a minute to launch the application.



      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Launching the application

      Expected result

      Fast boot as FM11

      Actual result

      Slow launch hourglass spinning rainbow wheel.

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          Steve Wright

               Hi Michael, 

               Just thought I would chime in and say I am not noticing any loading problems with 12v3 on either OSX 10.8.2 or Windows 7.
               Both are consistent with 11, at around 5 seconds to the menu and 11 seconds to fully open the same (but converted) solution files.

               Did you perform an update?  Perhaps it may be worth trying a clean re-install and patching again, unless you are able to download a 12v3 install
               Ive not had to do so for a long time, but iirc you could download the trial and activate, thus getting a pre-patched install.

               Of course it could be related to something else, but thought I would share my loading times.


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                 Michael Lau:

                 Thank you for the post.

                 SWS's suggestion of an uninstall and reinstall is a good one. My load times seem consistent with FileMaker Pro 11.

                 Are you launching the program from the dock, application's folder, or by double-clicking an existing .fmp12 file?

                 Do any other programs seem to be launching slower?

                 If FileMaker is not the only slow to launch application, some good steps would be to restart the computer, repair disk permissions, and try a safe boot.

                 Please let me know if this resolves the issue, otherwise we can discuss next steps.

                 FileMaker, Inc.