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    FMP 12v3 Update



      FMP 12v3 Update


      FileMaker Pro


      FMP 12V3

      Operating system version

      Mac OSX and Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      Objects beneath transparent fill objects (used as buttons) cannot be selected and dragged in layouts since updating to v3.

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               After the v3 update any Field/Control object that displays an image regardless of its hierarchy on a layout can not be selected or dragged by clicking on the object. You can drag around the object(s) to select but you can not select or move directly.

               Change the Field/Control to any other field type and you can then select it.

               Very frustrating!

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                 If you are able to edit your entry, please make the title of this bug report more specific!

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                   In Windows XP, it does not seem to make a difference what kind of object is on top. I can't select the objects underneath by clicking them directly.

                   I just did a few more tests.

                   If I put a rectangle that is transparent and that has no line width on top of some fields. If I click once, the rectangle is selected, but if I click on one of the fields and drag, that field is selected and I can drag it...

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                Steve Wright

                     A rectangle formatted so that it is initially invisible can be almost impossible (very frustrating) to select in layout mode

                     Dragging over the item will select it, but then the usual, right click to choose options such as button etc, causes more frustration as the right click deselects the rectangle again.

                     Here is a sample file with 3 comparible objects, all invisible, all with a mouse over effect   I removed the mouse over effect since that entailed making them buttons etc.


                     2 can be selected and manipulated perfectly fine, the rectangle cannot.

                     Tested on Windows 7