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FMP 13 drops formatting on cell data export using AppleScript

Question asked by Tim_1 on Jul 5, 2014
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FMP 13 drops formatting on cell data export using AppleScript


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Description of the issue

FMP 13 loses cell data formatting when cell data is pulled using AppleScript. In previous versions of FMP, notably FMP 6, cell data retained formatting when pulled using AppleScript. For instance, I have a cell with a price. The price in a given layout shows the dollar sign and comma separator as set by Inspector > Data > Data Formatting > Currency, but the formatting is lost when pulled using AppleScript.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Changed cell formatting. Exported same data and selected "Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data" in "Specify Field Order for Export" dialog box hoping this would force FMP 13 to retain formatting during AppleScript.

Expected result

I expected to keep the formatting. Same AppleScript used on FMP 6 yields expected results. Dollar sign and comma remain. Any change made to "Selling_Price" field in FMP 6 is evident in cell data when pulled using AppleScript.

Actual result

Dollar sign and comma are lost, leaving a simple 5-digit number (ie. price)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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Created a calculation field to add dollar sign and comma.