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    FMP 13 Mac - extremely slow Insert File with FMS 13



      FMP 13 Mac - extremely slow Insert File with FMS 13


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac 10.8.5

      Description of the issue

      I upgraded from FM12 Server to FM13 Server.

      Insert File is extremely slow. Even a very small file of 3K will take forever (1mn before anything happens). This was not the case with FM12..

      Environment : FM Server 13 hosted (insert file remote) using external storage secure.


      After further testing I can demonstrate on the same machine that FMP 13 Windows has no problem. But FMP 13 Mac shows the beach ball for one minute, and then does the upload (takes 2 seconds then). I use Parallels to run windows on that mac for testing.

      So it seems really a bug with FMP 13 Mac. If it happens to only a few people, it could be something with my configuration. But I doubt it: Mac OSX 10.8.x, SSD, 8GB ram.

      anyone with the same issue on Mac?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      - FMS 13 running on remote machine (WAN preferably)
      - FMP Mac : table with container field (again, hosted on FMS 13)
      - FMS 13 container is external storage secure
      - Insert File in container

      Expected result

      - Dialog to insert should appear quickly and upload

      Actual result

      - Software freezes for 1 mn at least (regardless of size of file - tried with 10KB or 2MB)
      - Beach ball
      - Then after this lock, eventually progress bar appears for 2 seconds, file is uploaded.

      same machine, same server, same internet connection : under FMP 13 windows, there is a small wait before the progress bar, but this lasts 15 seconds then the 180KB file is uploaded quickly.
      on mac, the wait is 60-90 seconds easily with complete unresponsiveness

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      no error message. just beach ball

      Configuration information

      Mac OSX 10.8.5
      8GB ram



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               Thank you for the post.


               I do not observe any difference or slowdown when uploading (insert file) to FileMaker Server 13 with secure external storage. Speeds when uploading from a Windows FileMaker Pro 13 client or a Mac FileMaker Pro 13 client are comparable. 


               A few more questions to help us determine what may be different in our environments:


               1. Is this computer both the FileMaker Server host and the FileMaker Pro client?

               2. Is FileMaker Pro 13 open and running in both the Parallels Windows environment and the Mac OS X environment at the same time?

               3. If we remove Parallels from the environment does this still occur? 

               4. Does this occur with a newly built test file with one field?


               Please feel free to include any other information that may be helpful in narrowing down the possible cause.



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thank you for your help.

                 I created a new database from scratch with a couple of fields, no index, and a container. 

                 I uploaded to the remote FMS 13 (this answers your question #1.. the server is on another computer, in a data farm far away).
                 I get the same results on the machine. Same beach ball freeze, until it uploads.

                 It happens with both FMP 13 and FMPA 13. And it happens on another Mac using FMP 13 as well with another employee. (different hardware, but same OSX version and parallels).

                 Parallels is NOT running when I test FMP 13 mac and I get the problem. There seems to be no difference with Parallels running or not. Typically I have a single FMPA 13 running on that machine. Parallels is used from time to time to check user experience under windows.


                 Since I tested point #1, #2 and #4, the only thing left for now, is to try on a Mac without Parallels. I will try this week. 

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                        in a data farm far away).

                   Could also be part of the issue.

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                     yes, but still investigating the difference between FMP13 Mac and FMP13 Win, why does the Win version has no issue with it at all. More testing needed. 

                     I know it is important to give you as much info as needed. And certainly, the issue could be something related to the server. But that's the setup I need to make work. 

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                       Of course, but you may also want to discuss this issue with tech support for your remote server and see if they have any ideas given the particular hardware/software that they are using to host your database.

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                         You are right Phil. Here is my latest test : 

                         - Mac OSX 10.9.1 Client, FMP 13 .. clean machine, nothing installed. Same issue with insert file.

                         Other potential issues, something with my firewall/gateway here (client side). Or something on the server side. 
                         btw, Server FMS 13 on Mac Mini i7, 16GB, SSD, OSX 10.8.5 in remote data farm (Atlanta, GA). 

                         If one of you from filemaker would like to try my test database, that would help a lot finding out if the issue is server side or client side. 

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                           I found the problem… It is the firewall on the server side. 
                           I use ICEFLOOR. If I disable the PF firewall, then uploads are instantaneous. no issues whatsoever. 

                           here are some comment if anybody encounters the issue.. I think the documentation is not 100% clear on this.
                           FMP is trying several port in order to upload files, according to the real time trace I could do. It tries 443, 8443, at least. Eventually, if these ports are closed, it uses the default port (I presume 5003), but that takes a while on mac. I suppose because the time out is longer than under windows.
                           So, I opened 443 (which was closed on this server since, I am not use a public web server or web direct). 

                           Also, I disabled Stealth mode on IceFloor firewall. Not sure if that helps or not.
                           Now, all uploads are lightning fast. 
                           Thank you for your help and troubleshooting, it put me on the right track.

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                             Maybe this doc van help you to find the culprit port :


                             Good luck !