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FMP 13 missing all UI text under Greek Windows 7

Question asked by MaryPante on Aug 25, 2014
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FMP 13 missing all UI text under Greek Windows 7


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Greek Windows 7 Ultimate

Description of the issue


I just downloaded and installed the FMP 13 Trial to test it out and I found all UI text missing.

I installed it in both my desktop & laptop running Greek Windows 7 Ultimate and both have the same problem.

At first I thought that maybe it's some missing font that causes the issue so I copied all the included fonts from the FMP installation directory to c:\windows\fonts but the problem persists.

I have also played around with some of the language/regional settings in Windows Control Panel but nothing fixed the problem.

I even updated .NET Framework v4.5 which FMP seems to be using but again nothing seems to work.

I believe that it is some font issue or something similar as no errors are reported when you run FMP. The FMP UI opens as expected but with most text missing in the Getting Started window, main window toolbar, etc. Take a look at the attached screenshot.

The thing that makes me believe that it's an FMP/Windows issue and not something specific to my computer is that I have installed FMP on 2 completely different machines but both running the same os and they produce the same problem.

Any info before my trial time runs out would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Steps to reproduce the problem

Just install the FMP 13 Trial on any Unicode language Windows 7 (Ultimate) (preferably install the Greek language pack)

Expected result

All FMP UI text should be rendered in the Getting Started window & main window toolbar buttons.

Actual result

Almost no UI text is being rendered.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No FMP nor os error messages/windows appear.

Configuration information

The specific Windows 7 Ultimate installation has the Greek language pack enabled.
Probably the same issue may appear with any unicode language pack.