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FMP 7.0v3 forces soft restart of OSX 10.5.6

Question asked by lanceb on Feb 2, 2009
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FMP 7.0v3 forces soft restart of OSX 10.5.6

Description of the issue

I use FMP 7.0v3 on OSX 10.5.6. When I'm entering records into FileMaker, every so often FileMaker stops responding, my screen goes blue and it appears to force some form of soft restart to my computer. My computer does not fully restart, but all my applications and the Finder reboot. After this, I cannot reopen FileMaker. It says my serial number is in use. Then I must restart my computer to access FileMaker again. This could happen as often as every 5 minutes. Is there a key combination that I am accidentally hitting to cause this?Is this a known bug? or maybe the old version not quite compatible with OSX 10.5? This only happens with FileMaker. No other program on my computer causes this or anything remotely similar. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks,Lance.