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fmp protocol doesn't work in FMGO 14 web viewer

Question asked by allardmax on Aug 13, 2015
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fmp protocol doesn't work in FMGO 14 web viewer


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

ios 8.4

Description of the issue


With FMGO 13 it was possible to trigger script in a file with an fmp://$/ protocol from a web viewer. In FMGO 14, it doesn't work anymore. It works if launched from another app, but not from the web viewer. I tried to encode the whole url (ex.: replacing $ by %23), but it doesn't work. Note that the file is locally hosted on the iPad.

Need help please! Thanks

Steps to reproduce the problem

-Load the linked file (
-Open the linked file and push the button in the web viewer
-Normally, a message box should open. It works on FMP, but not on iOS.

Expected result

The script test should be triggered.

Actual result