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FMP stops responding to modifier keys and arrowkeys

Question asked by Dillik on Nov 11, 2013
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FMP stops responding to modifier keys and arrowkeys


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12v4, 12v5

Operating system version

OS X 10.7.5

Description of the issue

At various times (sometimes several times a day), my FileMaker will just stop recognizing keyboard shortcuts which involve modifier keys (it also fails to recognize arrowkeys and a few other misc. keys such as forward-Delete at this point). Text editing continues to work fine (so does Shift to capitalize), and the general behavior of FileMaker doesn't get disrupted (I can change windows, change records, enter Manage dialogs, etc.). All commands work by selecting them with the mouse; it's simply certain keyboard commands which go unrecognized.

Quitting FileMaker and restarting does NOT solve the problem; logging out my OS session and coming back in does. It isn't tied to any specific Custom Menu Set or file. When it happens, the problem is strictly limited to FileMaker; other programs I had open at the time continue to work exactly as expected. I've not found any other users (or machines) that seem to have this problem.

(I have an easy workaround listed below; my reason in submitting this report is mostly just to present this workaround to anyone who may be searching for a solution, because it was maddening until I figured it out.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

This problem seems to happen at random, though I suspect there's some triggering event (probably mouse-related?) I just haven't isolated yet.

Configuration information

I'm using an Apple wired extended keyboard which exhibits no other strange issues.

Instead of a mouse, I'm using a Magic Trackpad, and my OS has the BetterTouchTool software installed to customize some of my trackpad gestures. This problem may, for all I know, be caused by BTT, though I find it peculiar that the problem is invariably limited to FileMaker. I've not tried working for extended periods with BTT disabled because it greatly boosts my productivity and I've found no reliable method for triggering this issue (I might be waiting all day or multiple days between occurrences, and that's a long time to go without my custom gestures).


RIGHT-CLICK! This problem was enormously frustrating until I stumbled onto the workaround: right-clicking anything in FileMaker which generates a context menu suddenly restores full keyboard functionality.