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fmp url seems to break file references on Go

Question asked by nickorr on Mar 6, 2014
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fmp url seems to break file references on Go


FileMaker Go


13 latest

Operating system version

iOS 7

Description of the issue

When you create a FileMaker file in iOS by exporting from a container field, and opening the file via an fmp url, then the result file can't see any existing files on disk in normal External Data Sources, and there are duplicate recent files created.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create two files, File A and File B.

File B has a file reference to File A, and can call a script or set related data in A.

In File A, have a container field, and insert B.

Have a script in A that exports the container field, and then uses an fmp url to open the new file.

When you do that, file B can't see file A at all to set data or call scripts.

Plus two copies of file A appear in the recent folder, opening the top one repeats the issue.  Opening the second one seems to solve it.  Alternately opening the file from the "devices" tab also works.

Expected result

The file reference isn't anything odd, it's hard coded, so it should work fine.

Actual result

The file can't be found and locating it manually still fails to open the file, even though it is actually open.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

It's a standard file is "in use" error message.

Configuration information

I've got sample files to demo this, the setup is a little complex.


Opening the file from the devices tab works, even though opening it from the recent files doesn't.  Also opening from a web clip icon also works.