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FMP, FMPA, FMPS 13, Mavericks and Macmini

Question asked by allen.davis on Feb 4, 2014
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FMP, FMPA, FMPS 13, Mavericks and Macmini


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Operating system version


Description of the issue

Have had this issue present itself on three different mac mini's.

The computer will lose connection to host, randomly. If it is the client running FMP13, it randomly loses connection to host. If it is the FMPS13 running on a macmini, it will randomly drop all connections and go 'deaf' on the network for 10 seconds up to a minute. It comes back 'online' without us doing anything.

These are all mac minis purchased in the last 6 months. We have lots of other mac minis that run continously without dropping connection.

Is anyone else seeing behavior like this?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Client : connect to database(s), work in database and computer will lose connection to host randomly 2 or more times a day

Server: run server 13 on a macmini, and it will randomly go 'deaf' on the network, dropping all client connections

Expected result

computer should remain connected to database until you manually quit/disconnect

Actual result

lose connection to host

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

lost connection to host

Configuration information

Recent mac mini purchase


for server, we loaded windows on the mini and it has been running without a problem