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FMP10 - Cannot Specify Default Printer with Script

Question asked by BruceR on Jan 11, 2009
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FMP10 - Cannot Specify Default Printer with Script

Description of the issue

In the FileMaker 10 script command for print, you can specify a printer and this printer will in fact be selected when users run the script. However, this means that ALL print jobs for this script go to the specified printer. Once a printer has been specified, there is no way to "unspecify" the printer for this script. You would want an unspecified printer if you want the print job to go to a user's default printer. Example:Create new print script, no dialog, do NOT specify printer.Print using this script. Select various default printers before hand.Optionally, have different users do this.Verify that all print jobs go to selected default printers.Edit script; select a specific printer.Run script, verify that print job goes to that printer. Edit script again and try to deselect printer so that script works as it did originally. Frequently there is a need to set up a no-dialog print script to retain the option to print current record or print records being browsed; but leave printer unspecified so that the print job goes to the user's default printer. It appears that we can't do this any more. This is extremely inconvenient.