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FMP10 crashing when loading multiple files, some features not working

Question asked by HCL on May 20, 2014
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FMP10 crashing when loading multiple files, some features not working


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2

Description of the issue

Hi - we're new to this forum (but not to FMP), and are having serious problems with FileMaker Pro 10 on a Windows Vista PC.

It's been working fine since upgrading to version 10 (years ago?), but in the last few days has become almost unusable. If we attempt to open more than one database the program crashes (it doesn't matter which files, or in which order) UPDATE: Today, nothing happens - the file doesn't open, but it doesn't crash). Scripts fail (claiming to be cancelled when they're not). File > Export Records... does nothing (but no errors). We haven't changed anything recently, apart from the usual automatic Windows updates. Opening the same file on a different PC with Windows 7 works fine. A full scan for malware finds nothing.

Any ideas, please?

Steps to reproduce the problem

1a. Open a database
1b. Attempt to open another one

2. Run a script

3. File > Export Records...

Expected result

1. Open second file
2. Complete script
3. Export records

Actual result

1. FMP crashes, or nothing happens
2. Script stops
3. Nothing happens

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

2. "SCRIPTNAME has been cancelled" (no, it hasn't)

Configuration information

FMP 10.0v3, Windows Vista Ultimate SP2


Use a different PC!