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    FMP10 data missing from DDR



      FMP10 data missing from DDR

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Products Tested: FileMaker Pro 10 AdvancedOperating Systems Tested: Windows XP SP2 Detailed Issue Description:Only the primary Value List relationship is indicated on the Relationships section of the DDR when selecting the "Use values from field" option. The "Also display values from second field" relationship is not referenced, nor does the "Include only related value starting from" relationship appear on the DDR. These omissions caused me inadvertently delete some needed relationships and broke part on my solution until I was able to track down and repair the problems. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am having difficulty duplicating this problem.  This is what I have done.


          1. Created a new database file "Test.fp7"

          2. I changed the name of the initial table from "Test" to "Top"

          3. In Top, I created three fields:

             ID (Text)

             Field1 (Text)

             Field2 (Text


          4. I created a new table "Bottom" and added three fields:

             ID (Text)

             Last (Text)

             First (Text)


          5. I created a relationship between "Top" and "Bottom" using ID


          6. I switched to Browse mode and entered ten records all with the same ID = 1


          7. I created a Value List (New Value List) and used values from "Bottom::Last", and also displayed values from second field "Bottom::First".


          8. I switched to Layout mode and switched to the Top layout.  I selected "Field1" and set it to use a drop down list using "New Value List".  I go into Browse, enter ID=1 and then switch to field 1.  The information from both fields are displayed.




          Let me know what I'm doing differently from you, and I'll try to duplicate it here.



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            It looks like some of your post was cut off ?!


            anyway, I was referring specifically to the information that gets referenced on the Database Design Report, in that only the primary Value List relationship is reported when viewing the Relationships section of the database scheme. This has nothing to do with actually using a FileMaker Pro database. Rather it's an issue that I think exists with the html output when creating the DDR.


            Does that clarify things or do I need to describe the specific structure of my database for you to reproduce this. Again this has nothing to do with layouts, field formatting options, or data showing in browse mode. It's in the DDR schema.

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              First, I edited my message.  The information after my signature was something I had leftover and forgot to remove.


              Second, thanks for the clarification.  I overlooked DDR, so you don't need to clarify further.


              Although I have reported this to the appropriate people, it may be "as designed".  If you don't mind, please also enter this information at:




              I could copy and paste this information for you, but there are questions asked that only you can answer.


              When entering the feature request, please also include WHY you need this.  Give a real-life example.  I've noticed that more attention is given to those features when there are real-life examples.



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                I guess this was with the HTML version of the DDR which is indeed not reliable (and has never been).

                My tip is : use the XML version and a third party software such as Inspector or BaseElements.