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FMP10 field badges in layout mode

Question asked by jmfeeney on Jan 15, 2009
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FMP10 field badges in layout mode

Description of the issue

FileMaker Products Tested: FileMaker Pro 10 AdvancedOperating Systems Tested: Windows XP SP2Detailed Issue Description:FileMaker does not concurrently show the field "badges" for tooltips and script triggers in layout mode. If a field is defined to have both tooltips and script triggers, the "badge" icons are not shown side by side. Even worse, is that the tooltip "badge" appears over top of the script trigger "badge." This can result in the field being duplicated at a later time without any indication that a potentially dangerous script trigger is lurking within the duplicated field. Also, the new tooltip "badge" is more difficult to see in FMP10. The layout "badge" was a brighter yellow-orange color in FMP9 and the additional grey colored "T" on the "badge" in FMP10 makes in stand out even less on layouts that use a lot of grey tones, and particularly when showing "Buttons" and "Non-printing objects" in layout mode. Expect Behavior:A field should display both "badges" for tooltips and script triggers side by side. If this cannot be done then the script trigger "badge" should either appear on top of the tooltip "badge," or instead of the tooltip "badge," since it can be the more dangerous of the two. Exact Steps To Reproduce Issue:Enter Layout modeSelect View > Show > Script TriggersSelect View > Show > TooltipsSelect View > Show > ButtonsSelect View > Show > Non-printing objects Compare appearance in FMP9 to changes in FMP10 (worse)