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FMP10 layout mode toolbars

Question asked by jmfeeney on Jan 8, 2009
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FMP10 layout mode toolbars

Description of the issue

Having the new toolbar integrated into the window makes anchoring the Arrange bar and the Align bar impractical. Since the "old style toolbar" is now only used in Layout mode for these palletes, it causes the window to constantly resize/reposition when switching in and out of Layout mode (Windows & Mac.) I find this behavior very annoying and expect this incessant window movement to cause eye fatigue with normal usage.On Windows, the vertical space becomes very limited when all the toolbars, palettes, and Text Ruler are on in Layout mode. Since it is more likely that a layout will be long, rather than wide, this makes working in Layout mode very inefficient at typical screen resolutions. On larger monitors, anchoring these tool palettes to any side is inefficient due to the longer distance to traverse, even compared to FMP9. On smaller monitors, there is simply too much wasted space with all the toolbars active.Allowing the palettes to float freely is the only practical option at this point. Since the "old style toolbar" is only used in Layout mode, the anchoring behavior may as well be eliminated. I also don't like having to use floating palettes (using menus is just as bad,) including the Object Info palette because they either overlap and obstruct the window at times or get positioned far off to the side, causing inefficiency. Ideally it would work better to have the Arrange, Align, and Object Info palettes as part of the window, similar to the old Status Area, or at least allow them to anchor within the window (left or right side,) beneath the new toolbar. This behavior would result in a consistent window size/position when switching between modes. It would also make more efficient use of widescreen displays.The new toolbar is a welcome change, but these previously non-existant usability issues show that it's only a partial solution so far. FileMaker needs to put more thought into the effect these changes have on different platforms, on different monitor sizes, at different resolutions, and with various toolbar/palette configurations. (And I realize some people don't care as much about efficiently mousing, but with all the tools spread out more now, I know my wrist is going to hurt more because of the extra mousing needed to reach everything.)