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FMP10 toolbar icon anomalies

Question asked by jmfeeney on Jan 6, 2009
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FMP10 toolbar icon anomalies

Description of the issue

Toolbar icons are not aligned on the same horizontal plane. Some icons are higher and some are lower, vertically. This is (astonishingly) true even for icons of the same style like New Record, Delete Record, and Omit Record. For this to be overlooked in such a prominent new feature is just sloppiness, and FileMaker should be ashamed for once again failing to make a quality Mac application. The only exception on the Mac appears to be when "Use Small Size" is selected (which is not available on Windows) and doesn't actually change the icon size, it just narrows the grid spacing. Odd. Alright, so I've quit and reopened FileMaker and now the icons on my Mac are smaller, but misaligned. So, now after I've been toggling the "Use Small Size" option and relaunching FileMaker, I must say that everything about the new toolbar is erratic! I'll repeat what I said earlier... we've waited two years for this update and what were getting is shameful! This nonsense had better get fixed and I don't mean when FileMaker Pro 11 gets released!