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Question asked by jmfeeney on Jan 15, 2009
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FMP10A & Runtime slowdown

Description of the issue

FileMaker Products Tested: FileMaker Pro 10 AdvancedOperating Systems Tested: Windows XP SP2Detailed Issue Description:I've noticed that when both FileMaker 10 Advanced and FileMaker Runtime are running simultaneously, both applications slowdown considerably. In Browse mode, it takes several seconds for the "hand" cursor to appear when mousing over a button, likewise for tooltips. Button clicks take even longer to respond, scripts execute slower, windows will turn white when refreshing, and the "hourglass" will pop up frequently. The rest of my operating system and other applications remain responsive, so I don't think this is an issue of low system resources. I had always assumed that FileMaker Runtime and FileMaker Pro Advanced were separate entities, but perhaps there is still some "shared resource" the causes them both to slowdown when they are running simultaneously??? Regardless, this behavior makes it more time consuming to test a runtime solution and use FileMaker Pro Advanced to correct problems at the same time.